MKPLCBD is a leading Industrial Automation Company in Bangladesh that provides industrial automation services to enthusiast customers. MKPLCBD is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining industrial automation systems. Basically, Industrial Automation companies can be broadly classified into two types: Process Automation Companies and Manufacturing Automation Companies. Basically, we work for both of them and we have been performing with our skill and success. We have handled many industries and solved many critical problems. We love to install machinery and run machinery smoothly. We find our success through our successful industrial automation service.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is a branch of engineering. The purpose of industrial automation is to make the production process more efficient and less costly. The use of industrial automation has increased in the last few decades because it has been seen as a way to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Industrial automation is used in many industries, including automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemical industries. Industrial automation can also be used in construction or mining industries.

Basically, Industrial controlling is the use of software and hardware to monitor and control industrial processes. Industrial controlling is used in manufacturing for automation and optimization of production processes, monitoring and regulating power generation, distribution, and consumption, monitoring fuel consumption, optimizing speed, and managing traffic patterns. Automation process can be applied to Water Treatment Plant (ETP) Industrial controlling is used in water treatment for monitoring water quality levels, detecting leaks, and shutting off valves when necessary.

Our Service


MKPLCBD works for industrial controlling applications through a smart team management system. We provide industrial automation, and home automation services to clients in the automotive, food, and beverage industry. We are providing automation services for many years. We specialize in developing new products and solutions for our customers. Automation service is a new way of automating your business. We offer a full range of automation solutions, from simple to complex. We provide the best automation service in the industry and we are a trusted partner for many companies.

Our Products


We are the leading industrial automation service provider. We have many well-known service areas. We export industrial automation products for many years. It has a strong focus on the design and manufacture of Servo and VFD systems, as well as PLC and HMI products. We bring standard industrial automation products that provide a wide range of automation solutions to customers in diverse industries such as automotive, packaging, food processing, printing, and many others. So we work for you and work for industrial better controlling applications.

Our Team


MKPLCBD is a leading industrial automation company in Bangladesh. We work for industrial machine installation and run the machine by controlling applications (PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo, and others). We work with team management and we have highly qualified and well-trained engineers. Our engineers are highly responsible to manage the industrial automation controlling tasks. Our team members have already been working on many projects and they have positive feedback. So we are glad for them and feel proud of our team members.

Our Clients

MKPLCBD is the leading industrial automation sales and service provider in Bangladesh. We have a wide service area. We have completed many industrial projects with success. We work to get the best for our clients and we provide our best effort to complete our industrial automation task. However, we have worked with many processing and packaging companies and we have also completed many home automation. However, we have many reputed clients that we continue to provide the industrial automation service that we have given below few of them.

Pran RFL Group


RFL group started its journey in 1981 and RFL group is a leading company in Bangladesh. They have many development areas. RFL Group is a world-leading company and they spread their business in more than 140 countries.

JMI Group


JMI Group now proudly operates in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Industrial Gas, Cylinder and Auto Tank Manufacturing, Printing, Packaging, Engineering, Clinical Trials, Garments, Transport and Logistics, Media, and others.

Buildtrade Group


Buildtrade Engineering Limited started as the most diversified steel fabricator to provide expert services to the construction industry in designing, fabricating, and erecting pre-engineered steel buildings.

Our Mission & Vision

Industrial automation is a subset of the broader category of automation. Industrial automation refers to a process where control systems are used to reduce or eliminate human intervention in industrial processes. Industrial automation can be applied to any industry, but it is most commonly associated with manufacturing industries and their supply chains. Our Mission is to help you achieve your goals. We are a group of engineers who program, install machinery and sell industrial automation products. We have well-trained automation engineers and we take every step with consciousness and offer better service. We are a leading provider and installer of Servo motors, VFD drives, HMI panels, and PLC controllers, and many more in Bangladesh.


PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo, and all of these are components that are commonly used to help manage and control commercial and industrial controlling systems, including those used for automation and automation control. Nowadays those have taken a leading role in the modern technological expansion and their privileges. Indeed, technological advancements in industrial automation have been brought about by improved sensors, actuators, and communication technologies. These advancements have helped industries to achieve greater efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing production costs. For this reason, our Vision is to become the world’s leading provider of quality, innovative and cost-effective automation solutions for the global industry, such as.