Our Service Area

Faster, more accurate production is achieved through automation, but one automated solution does not fit all. MKPLCBD provides custom industrial automation services for a wide variety of plant applications across all major technology platforms and most industries. Our proven approach to automation design and implementation has helped us create a lasting competitive advantage for our clients over the years.

Our goal with any automation project is to deliver superior results for you while helping to prove the long-term ROI of your investment. We are a neutral automation integration with no formal supplier partnerships, allowing us to provide you with the best solution every time. We provide complete automation services that your industry needs.

Increasing throughput on your production line requires expert help in matching feed rates and speeds of individual tools to adjacent machines. Our engineers can help you optimize the flow of products and materials from one piece of equipment to the next, making accurate savings at each point along the line based on upstream and downstream equipment speeds.

Does your facility need to improve product quality or reduce product costs? MKPLCBD industrial machine vision systems provide solutions to improve your production objectives. An MKPLCBD vision solution maximizes inspection capabilities and provides higher pass/fail rates and efficient out-of-the-box solutions. From inspecting custom packaging to processing feedback applications, our engineer’s design, program, and customize a vision solution that’s right for you.

Our process automation services let you run on modern control systems so you can optimize your process, visualize the plant floor and reduce costs. We have a strong range of applications that we have successfully integrated into process applications over the years.

PLC control, material handling, robotics, vision systems, and component indexing are all examples of factory automation applications we can integrate into your plant. Our industrial automation services automate your manufacturing process, successfully implement quality control systems and manage materials online.

Our Popular Services

We provide all kinds of automation services. Not only for automation services we also sell automation products that are crucial for your industry and home automation. However, we are referring to our crucial service where we continue to perform there.

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Servo Drive
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Various Control Card
  • Communication Cable
  • Other low voltage items (sensors, switches, Magnetic Contactors, and others)

However, we have reoffered here a few of the products that we provide sales and service to install at any location. If you need any automation service (home or industry) you may contact us through our contact information.