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Weintek is an HMI Manufacturer company & Weintek is very popular for its Smart Design, ease of Use and Programming, Reasonable price also durability. The Weintek EasyBuilder 500 software Ver 2.74 is used to program Weintek 500 Series Human Machine Interface (HMI). EasyBuilder software supports various types of PLC Such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Fuji, etc. The EasyBuilder software setup system is very easy and also has a little storage, so no need for High Configuration Computer. However, today mkplcbd.com would like to share the Weintek EasyBuilder 500 Software Download with you also the Process of Download the Weintek HMI programming software and Install Properly, also How to program and Program Upload/Download.

Hardware or PC Requirements

CPU: Minimum Pentium II (Intel) or More

RAM: Minimum 64 MB but Recommended 1GB/2GB or Above

HardDisk: Minimum 2.5GB or More (Will Need disk space 10MB), But recommended 128GB Or More

RS232 COM Port: This must be RS232 Port Needed because you need it for programming, Online Simulation, and Program Upload/Download.

Others: Must need Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor

Supported Models of EasyBuilder 500 Software

Weintek EasyBuilder 500 software supports the following models







Supported OS of Weintek Easy Builder

Before Weintek Easy Builder software installation you have to check the windows Operation systems, so This Software supports the following operating systems

+MS Windows 95

+MS Windows 98

+MS Windows NT

+MS Windows 2000

+MS Windows ME

+MS Windows XP

+MS Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)

+MS Windows 8/8.1 (32bit/64bit)

+MS Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)

We have installed the Weintek HMI Software Easy Builder 500 Windows 10, So After Setup the Weintek EasyBuilder 500 Software then Go to the Start/All program then check your software Functions See the figure

Now we will describe the Easy Builder 500 Software including All items See the Above Picture.,

+Easy Manager is the Extensive program Management software of Weintek Easy Builder 500 Series Human Machine Interface.

+EasyBuilder 500 is the configuration software Weintek/Weinview HMI.

+ImageCF We can upload the .eob file by using the easy manager

+PLC Address View It has Various kinds of PLC Addresses and Tables

Weintek Easy Builder Software Setup Process

+Step 01: At First download the Software Weintek EasyBuilder 500 Software from our website mkplcbd.com, then Unzip the Easy Builder Software and double click on the Setup.

+Step 02: Then Click [Next] to Continue, If Click on Cancel then Easy Builder 500 software setup will be closed.

+Step 03: Choose the [destination location] for the setup of EasyBuilder 500 Software

+Step 04: Click on Next to [Confirm Installation].

+Step 05: Then wait a few seconds, For the Installed the Easy Builder 500 software.

+Step 06: After Installation is complete then click on close

Weintek HMI Program Download and Upload By using EASY Manager: After opening the Easy Manager Weintek software, then will show the below figure

Easy Manager is the Extensive software of Easy Builder 500 Software. Through The Easy Manager Weintek Easy Builder 500 software, we can easily 3 types of work Program Editing, Easy Download (Program Upload and Download), and Easy Window (Offline/Online simulation), Also by using the software you can set the comport COM1, COM2, COM3, etc. Otherwise, you will unable to Upload/Download the Program.

How to Weintek HMI Program Download by Using Weintek Software


When the Program is Uploading/Downloading by using Weintek Easy Builder 500 Software, you have to set up the Communication Speed of 115000 (Recommended), For the Old Machine, you have to set up a communication speed 38400 (Recommended). Before downloading the program must compile your project. After editing any comments, addresses, etc then again must be compiled. Then go to Easy Manager and download your program. Or go to the tools and download the program.

How to Upload Program from Weintek HMI


After Uploading the Program from your HMI, then saving the program, the upload program must be a (.eob) file, you can not the .eob file directly does not compile and edit, and also cannot open, if you want to open the software or want to edit program, then First The .eob file must be decompiled and save your project, and after decompiling the program then you can Open your program smoothly.

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We have given the Weintek EasyBuilder 500 Software Free Download google drive link, so click on the link to get your required software, Download the software without any hampering and Solve your Problems

+Download easy Weinview Software builder 500 Weintek HMI Programming software 100% working

Download another link Weintek HMI Programming Software


Thanks, Guys! For our Website Visiting and reading content Weintek EasyBuilder 500 software, if you need any help during the Easybuilder 500 Software installation, or programming/program Upload & Download, or If need any Weintek HMI such as MT510, MT506, MT505 then you can contact us via WhatsApp number at +8801713722455, or send me any problem email at mkplcbd@gmail.com, After checking your issues, I will feedback to you as soon as possible.

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