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Winpro Ladder “Fatek Winproladder Download”-Fatek Software 100 % Working

FATEK is a Programmable logic controller from Taiwan, Fatek is a very good PLC for the cheaper price and also the best quality. The FATEK programmable logic controller is free software, also Easy to use. Winproladder V3.30 is the latest specialized programming software for the Fatek Programmable logic controller. The Winproladder software has extensive commend libraries like Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Omron PLC. The major advantage of the Winproladder software is its low capacity which is 3.2MB. However today would like to share the Winpro Ladder Fatek Winproladder Download Fatek Software with you also how to download the Winproladder software and install it.

The Winproladder software supports ladder logic programming language. If you have no Programmable Logic controller does not matter because Winproladder software has a simulation function. So, we can easily write the ladder program and can simulation for the program checking.

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Supported Models of Winproladder V3.30 Software  

Fatek Winpro Ladder software supports the following models as

+Fatek FBs Series PLC MA/MC

+Fatek HB1 Series M

+Fatek FBn Series PLC MC

+Fatek FBe Series PLC MA & MC

+ Fatek FB Series PLC MA and MC

+Fatek B1z Series PLC M

+ Fatek B1 Series PLC M


Supported Operating System of WinProladder Fatek PLC Software

Although Winproladder software is little Storage and no need for a high configuration PC, so you can easily set up this software low or medium configuration PC.

Winproladder software supports the following operating system

+Microsoft Windows 95/98/XP/Win2000

+Microsoft Windows NT4.0/ME/Vista

+Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)

+Microsoft Windows 8 & 8.1 (32bit/64bit)

+Microsoft Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)

After software Winproladder setup at Microsoft WIN 10 and programming Shown as figure

Winpro Ladder Fatek Software Setup Process

+Step 01: Fatek Winproladder Download from our website or Fatek website then Unzip the WinProladder V3.30 software then double click on Wproladder3.30 and click  Yes

 +Step 02: welcome to the Win Proladder setup process so click on next

+Step 03: Then select the destination location, if you want, or click on “next”

+Step 04:  Then click ^ next

+Step 05: Select additional tasks and click^next

+Step 06: Ready to install the Winproladder Fatek software so click on the install and wait a few seconds.

+Step 07: After Winproladder Fatek plc Software is Successfully installed then click on finish.

How to simulate Fatek PLC Program

+Finally editing the program then go to the PLC then click on simulation then click on Run PLC.

+Then refresh your Mouse cursor shown as a picture

+Then right-click on Switch X0, or X1 then click ON/OFF

How to Fatek PLC Programming cable check your PC

+After selecting your Fatek PLC programming cable (USB-FBS-232 P0-9F) and insert your Programming cable USB PC. Then Go to your computer (Type here to search) Device manager then click on the device manager then click on the ports (COM & LPT) are shown as Port Number.

Upload/Download Program by using Winpro Ladder Software

Download Program

+After programming then goes to the PLC then click on online.

+Then set the programming cable port number so click on the auto check or click on Edit and select the Com port number and click on ok.

Upload Program

+Becarefully for upload the program for Fatek PLC, at first open the Winproladder V3.3 Software then go to PLC then click on online and click on No Then select the programming cable port number and click ok 2 times shown as pictures

>>> Fatek Winproladder Download Google Drive Link>>>

We have given the Winpro Ladder Fatek Winproladder Download Fatek Software and Fatek PLC Manual google drive link so click on the link to download the required software.

+[Download] Winpro Ladder V3.30 Fatek PLC Software 100% Working

+[Download] Winproladder Fatek PLC Software Manual

Fatek Software Another Link:

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